Welcome to Hvalpsund

Welcome to Hvalpsund and welcome to a long list of possibilities for a lovely holiday or short break. Discover in this small town close to the sea, the beach and our breathtaking countryside. The Fjord with its ferry, the beach and the yacht harbour is right there in front of you. There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy family activities in the open and ample and free car parking.


Do your shopping at the local supermarket - Dagli’Brugsen – or the kiosk down by the harbour. For all your financial needs we have a local bank (Jyske Sparekasse – today only a cash dispenser), and if you are looking for a good meal try the hotel opposite the ferry-harbour (Hvalpsund Færgeko), the restaurant at the yacht-harbour (Restaurant Marina), the pub Lord Nelson or Fiskegården. Hvalpsund Færgekro and Restaurant Marina also offer rooms for the night. If you are prepared to do things yourself and bring your own camping equipment, you may find it a fine choice to stay at Hvalpsund Family Camping from where there’s a direct access to the beach.


During the summer period you’ll find plenty of activity and many interesting boats in the yacht-harbour. Down by the commercial fishing harbour near the ferry port, you can follow life on the busy fishing boats or try your hand catching some crabs on your own – but remember to bring your own line and bait! Why not catch the ferry – bring your car too – crossing to Sundsøre, from where you can reach Salling-land and (by bridge) the island of Mors. Our new ferry - Mary - was launched in the Spring 2006. From Mid-June until the end of August you will find inspiration and information for your holiday at Hvalpsund Tourist Office – Info-hytten -, situated next to where the ferry docks. From Mid-June until the end of August the opening-hours are from 10 am to 4 pm, seven days a week.


The area around Hvalpsund is a true pearl of nature. On the Louns peninsula you have scenery like nowhere else in Denmark. You should try to visit the woodland in Skovbakkerne. You find it by following the Hesselvej from the centre of town, passing the old thatched Manor House Hessel, the only remaining thatched Manor House in Denmark. It is now a museum of farming and social history. The building and its interior still stand as it used to do in the middle of the 19thCentury. The Manor House is open to the public on all week-days, all year round, and is well worth a visit if you enjoy exploring period history. You may continue from there to the woods, Skovbakkerne. Choose your preferred route (yellow, green, blue or red) which will vary in length and scenery. Whichever route you choose you’ll encounter magnificent nature and a beautiful view of the Limfjorden. At the main car park – free - you’ll find a small guesthouse with toilet facilities and a sheltered area where you can enjoy the contents of your picnic-basket. At the edge of the wood you’ll even find the odd shelter that can be used by everyone for a free overnight stay.


Many are so intrigued by what they’ve experienced in the area that they choose to come back for another holiday in a rented holiday home, and some even take matters a step further and buy their own property or choose to build one for themselves. They simply do not wish to part with this paradise of Danish nature!

Please feel welcome to drop anchor for a short – or long – period in our lovely town with its beautiful surroundings.


Kind regards on behalf of the townsfolk of Hvalpsund. Borgerforening